Tuesday, 5 July 2016

On being the captain of your own destiny.

I have been giving a great deal of thought to the idea of how much I do or don't feel in charge of where I am going in life, or where I will be able to go. I have been feeling greatly uncertain and distressed at the idea that I am sailing on the turbulent seas of life with no idea how long the current storm will last or where the waves will take me.

Today I realised that it's okay. Being a captain of the seas does not mean you are a captain of the waves themselves. I sail my ship and chart a course as I see fit, but I have no control over the wild sea I travel on. The winds may blow in the wrong direction, and the waves may sweep me away to places I did not intend to go, but being the captain of my ship, my destiny, does not mean that I can control the sea. Being the captain of my destiny means I control how I move with the wind and the waves.

I am the captain of my own destiny, and I shall rule my sea someday. For now, however, I will simply move along with it, and see where it takes me, and that's just fine.

Keep on sailing, fellow captains.
- Sam